If you have questions please take look at the Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions after that please fill out the application form and write your question in the “Additional Information” field.

The most common question we get is “What is the price?“. It depends on how long and when you will come, as well as whether you are new to the method or not, which why it’s important to fill in the application form even if you are just inquiring about the price.


Spaces at our shala are limited, so it’s necessary to reserve space so students that want to, can commit to longer periods of time.
3 weeks is the suggested minimum when possible, and it is the required minimum for students new to the practice.

We require a Paypal deposit to hold a space.

Other Contact?

If you are a journalist or have any need to contact us other than interest in applying. Please fill in the application form with “X” in those fields we do not need and your request in the “Additional Information” field.


Application Form

Please fill in the following briefly, to to help us make the email correspondence more efficient.


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Additional Information?

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