“Our experience at AYBRC was unique, one of the main reasons being in Prem & Radha´s capable hands. They really think outside the box and go far beyond the typical adjustments you will get in many other Shalas. They avoid any sort of “one suits all” approach, deeply understanding your areas of improvement and anatomical features. We were highly surprised by their fresh ideas and profound understanding of both, the practice itself and the human body. They definitely changed our overall practice…for the good!”

Ignacio Pedrosa

“AYBRC is a wonderful environment in a beautiful Balinese setting. I heartfully encourage all who are interested/enthusiastic about the Ashtanga method to experience the extraordinary energy that is Prem and Radha and the AYBRC shala. You’ll be guided to where you’re at in a firm, knowledgeable and lovingly manner. And no doubt you’ll deepen your awareness of Ashtanga and personal practice, establish supportive friendships and have a laugh along the way.”

Stephen Baker

“It is an honor to have practiced under the inspiring guiding influence of Prem and Radha. Their approach to teaching Mysore is not generic, instead, they respect each of their students’ individuality and constitution, offering hands on adjustments with common sense reasons for such so that the students, new or seasoned, would really understand the foundations and essence of the practice. I will definitely come back!”

Loveli C. Espinos

“I am still floating after returning from an amazing month in Bali practicing with Prem and Radha at their beautiful brand new Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center. If you are looking for inner growth, perfect personal guidance, getting a sense of amazing energy-lines and harmony all over, this is definitely THE place to be! I cannot wait going back myself but loving these guys in the meanwhile.”

Sabine Gorris / Medical Mid wife at UMC Utrecht.

“My time at at AYBRC was fantastic. Anthony ‘Prem’ Carlisi and Heather Radha Carlisi are excellent teachers, with a very individual holistic focus. In just one month with them my practice (and life) was transformed. I left feeling lighter happier and more aware. Cant wait for a return trip“

Oliver Crossley

“I have just returned home after a month in Ubud practicing with Prem and Radha at there beautiful Shala. The Shala has an amazing energy that is heart felt. My experience was life changing. They are amazing teachers with so much knowledge and experience. They will deepen your practice on many layers. There adjustments and guidance are exceptional. I was blessed to be there to participate in a 5 day intensive workshop which went deeper in to the spiritual practice and a more personal level with them..I have taken so much home to my personal practice and I look forward to returning. I am honored to have them as my teachers… Namaste.“

Louise Chanwai

“I was only able to practise for one week with Radha and Prem since I was on holiday with my family… After one day of practise I already knew that I am going back there. I felt blessed and honored that they gave me this much guidance and adjustments to take home with! Guidance with strictness but with so much love for you as an individual. Loved practicing there in the beautiful shala and surroundings with such great teachers! See you as soon as possible :-)“

Giuly Bresadola

“Spirituality permeates life in Ubud. The town embeds respect for all life and offers nature’s blessings in the most wholesome manner. In this gastronomic and spiritual paradise, Prem and Radha built their brand new shala giving permanence to the AYBRC in the coolness and freshness of the jungle. No better place to focus on your personal development and Ashtanga practice but in this haven of love and guidance by Prem and Radha. Sharing their decades of experience in Ashtanga and Ayurveda, you will receive incredible amounts of attention and be given an individualised approach to ensure your further growth in the practice. The 5 weeks I spent with Prem and Radha last Feb/March 2013 was the best gift to myself ever, and I have already scheduled my next check-ins with these incredible teachers”.

Frank Hoefsmit

“The Shala: The Shala is amazing! A beautiful, open air space, with a wooden floor and a view of the jungle. Patanjali carved out of stone is watching you practice on one side, while the Buddha is smiling encouragingly on the other… There is space for 36 students, and the places are determined by little golden lotuses on the wooden floor, a lovely little attention to detail. The practice: Both Prem and Radha have years of experience under their belts and this is something you feel the moment you walk in the door. Their adjustments are knowledgable, expert, kind and gentle. They can be brutally honest and blunt, but it comes from a kind heart and your safety is their highest priority. True to the Mysore lineage, Prem will make sure you keep the correct vinyasa count & remind you of Mula Bandha. Radha will tweak your asana’s and gives the best supta kurmasana adjustments. Leave your ego at home and you will learn more about ashtanga, your practice and yourself than you would have thought possible. All in all, they are supportive, kind, knowledgable, sweet and I can only highly recommend practicing here, whether you are new to or extremely familiar with traditional Ashtanga.“

Tjioeke Divingtheworld

“When I came to Ubud in February I knew that I wanted to practice Yoga but had no idea where to start looking for a good school. By accident I got to know three women who were taking a course at Prem and Radha’s shala. They were so enthusiastic about practicing Yoga there that I decided to join them and after emailing with Prem I booked three weeks a their shala. Yoga was not new to me but Ashtanga Yoga was and I had a lot of respect of it and was very nevous in the beginning. It didn’t work as I wanted, I didn’t progress the way I expected and I felt very insecure. In addition to that it was physically very hard because I was in a very bad shape. After two very hard weeks doubting about my proficiency something happened with me I nearly can’t explain. Prem and Radha supported me all the time by teaching me with straightforwardness and high competence and hard skills. But I had to change my attitude, be aware about what was going on on the mat and I realised that in my daily life it was very similar. At the beginning of the third week something had changed and I could start to just do the practice, could dive into the asanas without proving myself anything, I was able to let go and felt so great and light that I can’t describe it. Since then I have been practicing daily and my life got changed so much that I just can recommend to everybody to try Ashtanga Yoga as well and if you have the chance to start or continue your practice with Prem and Radha don’t miss it, it’s just awesome. Thank you so much to you both!“

Deborah Hoeks

“This one is for people, who have never experienced yoga before or have done it in small quantities. I came to Bali with no attention to do yoga, but found myself searching the opportunity for a real beginner through internet. Many places looked too commercial for me, but having read the background of Prem and Radha, I got the expression these guys know their stuff and want you to take it seriously as well. When I went to the shala to start my yoga, I understood, it was the best choice. They give you their love, attention and energy in most necessary way. I am most blessed to start my yoga journey with the teachers like this- experienced, aware, caring. They do read you with compassion and wisdom. The shala itself is very nice, located in the middle of pure nature; everything is well organized, so anybody who is considering doing the yoga at AYBRC, should not worry about getting there while staying in Ubud area. As you probably can read out of many feedbacks already, people, having been there are extremely pleased. I am at my third month practice with Prem and Radha and I can say so far- I have a great, great respect to my teachers and I am most thankful for the opportunity. With lots of love to Prem and Radha and to the people I´ve met there! Veronika from Estonia, April 2013.“

Veronika Mäemets

“After a workshop in Norway, I felt instantly connected to Prem & Radha. Their honest approach to the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method is not something you come across every day in this vast jungle of teachers and teachings. I truly felt that this was what I have been looking for. Not only are their adjustments and approach to the asana(poses) in this practice both gentle, direct and insightful – they also offer aid to balance your entire self, mind and body wise. To live a life of balance is not only how they teach, but also how they live. That`s how I came to travel across half of the world to go study with them. I stayed and practiced at Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center for 5 months total, and was given therapeutic advice on healing from an ayurvedic point of view, and was monitored during fasting in addition to the daily mysore-practice in the mornings. Not only did I grow stronger in my practice when with them, but I left with inspiration and more wisdom to continue my practice at home. I can recommend a trip to Bali to visit Prem & Radha from all of my heart to anyone, be you a yoga novice or well established in your daily practice. If you really want to benefit from their teachings, set aside a month or three if you can. It`s definitely worth it.“

Aya Anima

“I started my journey into yoga with Prem & Radha at the AYBRC and I can honestly say that it has been a turning point in my life. They are both awesome people who have helped me immensely and I would highly recommend anyone no matter what level of Ashtanga to come and practice at there beautiful shala and gain as I have from there extensive knowledge. The atmosphere and all the cool like minded people you meet there is a bonus and the coconuts after practice sort you out! Thanks for all your help Prem & Radha love Jared Murphy.“

Jared Murphy

“Meeting Prem and Radha was and still is a blessing in every sense. They are among the best ashtanga yoga teachers in the world and give so much care, attention and love to each new student coming to the Shala. The atmosphere at AYBRC is very inspiring, starting with the practice spreading out to ones state of mind. You feel grounded, you feel strong and relaxed thanks to the profound knowledge these teachers share with you. The way to the Shala every morning is also breath-taking through the beautiful still unspoiled rice fields of Ubud! A must! Love and beijinhos!“

Filipa Veiga

“Prem and Radha are the best teachers I’ve ever had. Their attention to detail and the way they tailor the practice to meet an individual’s needs is just fantastic. They have so much knowledge and experience to offer. I highly recommend practicing with them. In addition to being great teachers who talk the talk and walk the walk, they are also the kindest and most down to earth people. Much love!“

Summer Dien

“As a complete beginner and new to yoga, I went to study Ashtanga yoga with Prem and Radha at their shala in Ubud. It was such an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in Ashtanga yoga. Prem and Radha are great teachers and teach each student individually and at their own pace. I think I was probably the most inflexible student that they have ever came across:) and I have been taught and advised to practice only the standing sequences until my body opens up more. I have been trying to practice every morning and have noticed my flexibility and body starting to open up more and more each day. I think this type of patience and teaching only comes from experience and wisdom. I will be coming back to study with Prem and Radha as much as possible and can’t wait for my next visit on my journey into Ashtanga yoga.“

Kris English

“I packed my bags for Ubud excited to see a new place but a bit anxious to practice Ashtanga 6 days a week for two weeks. I practice Yoga daily but not totally Ashtanga. Discovering Yoga a little bit late in my years, I found Ashtanga to be quite demanding on my body. I was open and eager though to learn and grow more on my practice. At AYBRC, I was totally blown away by the dedication and enthusiasm Prem and Radha bestows to each and every practitioner, may you be a newbie, an authorized teacher by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, or somewhere in between. With their unique individualized guidance, I listened intently and looked up to them, smiled with them and ended up loving them. I also ended up loving Ashtanga and am now committed to practicing it daily after realizing that quality and consistency is essential. The two weeks went by so quickly and was not close to enough. Yearly or hopefully twice yearly longer visits are next in the agenda.“

Felice Yulo Teodoro

“I have just completed a month of practice with Prem and Radha. I left very happy. Their firm yet warm approach is backed by a wealth of knowledge. They are traditional but not dogmatic. Their intuitions of the human body is very apparent in their instruction and as a result are able to offer modifications to suit each student’s individual need. And to this they give you reason. This was very important to me, as I tend to be a non-conformist if I don’t understand. If you are in Bali and want to evolve your practice, this is the place to be. You might feel at home right away, or if you are like me, you may first say to yourself “oh dear, what have I got myself into”. If it is the latter, surrender and you will slowly reap benefits.“

Raveen Kulenthran

“A couple of friends asked me if I wanted to go to Bali and practice ashtanga yoga. No hesitations… book it! After months of planning, we were off… giddy and excited! Mysore practice at AYBRC with Prem and Radha was the best decision I have ever made. They are both dedicated and serious practitioners of Ashtanga. They give attention and guidance to each and every student, and share so much of their energy and love. Each day was a different adventure in itself, I discovered and learned something new everyday. Two weeks was just not enough, another trip upcoming on the radar! :)“

Tricia Gallardo

“My wife and I travelled to Bali on our honeymoon and practiced with Prem and Radha for a week. We really wish we could have stayed longer. They are amazing teachers and have such great energy. We also loved the fact that the class size is quite small and everyone gets loads of individual attention. We will definitely be back for a much longer stay next time! Barry and Brona, Ireland“

John McDonnell

“A beautiful space to deepen your practice of Yoga with 2 highly experienced & dedicated teachers of Ashtanga, you will be in safe hands with Prem & Radha , whether you are an experienced practitioner or a complete beginner, they will give you the tools support& guidance appropriate to where you are at, they will happily answer your questions and are so down to earth & friendly! You couldn’t be in better hands & are sure to meet some like- minded souls at this lovely Shala also 🙂 .“

Stephanie Moody

“Coming to practice with Prem and Radha was the best decision I have made about my practice. I was at the point of considering giving up my practice altogether, but I reluctantly joined their week long intensive course, and I am so glad I did. I now have a regular daily practice and have my love back for Ashtanga. Thank you soooo much. xxxx“

Debbie Sherwood-Pearce

“I was lucky to meet Radha and Prem the beginning of Januari, very happy and humbled with the teachings they gave me. My stay was to short so I will definitly return some day, hopefully soon. They have a great way of communicating, teaching the asana’s but also the energetically they ROCK! Sweet loveing people in an amazing environment. Till soon! xx“

Ingeborg Timmerman

“After two weeks I knew, I want these people to guide me. Why? Because they are normal people, who are straightforward and teach with love and compassion. They are serious about their teachings, but not rigid. I ended up staying for 4 months. Their “being normal human beings” makes them special. It is amazing how they can give personal attention to each and everyone present in their shala.“

Inge Hart

“Wonderful new yogashala, with still the most attentive, lovely and great teacher you can which for. I got exactly what I needed and a good laugh every day!“

Julie Louwman

“Supremely attentive teachers. Really focus on the core of practice. Needless to say why I attempt to practice with them even just one day! at least 1 month next time and on.”

Pink Sakdiarp / Bangkok, Thailand.

“Superb place, amazing teachers…book yourself in via email prior you attend to the class.“

OmPet Yoga

“One of my favourite places on the planet, that says it all :-)“

Avi Basuki

“Wonderful! Experience two dedicated Ashtanga Yoga instructors at their new location in Ubud, Bali at the ‘Ashtanga Yoga Research Center Bali’”

Denise Payne

“Thanks for making the world a kinder place. Your shala is on my bucket list. Many blessings!“

Diandra Bergman

“Love them! So much juice for the ashtanga practice and they are the real deal!“

Joan Marie Hyman

“Prem and Radha. Enough said.“

Eagle Yoga