About Bali

While you are here studying with us there will be a multitude of opportunities for you, friends, and family to enjoy! For those of you with kids, Bali is very family-friendly. There is plenty to do, even for those members who aren’t into yoga. Ubud is an amazing area with great food, activities, spas, outdoor sports, and cultural performances as well as:

  • Hiking/walking tours in the rice fields
  • River Rafting
  • Balinese Traditional Dance
  • Balinese Music and Theater Shows
  • Massage/Body work from $5.00 an hour
  • Spas for all budgets
  • Pancha Karma
  • Art Classes
  • Cooking classes
  • Pools for swimming
  • Gamelan (Classical Balinese Music) Classes
  • Elephant Park
  • Monkey Forest
  • Hot Springs and Waterfalls/ Healing waters
  • Temples and Sacred spaces to visit, special to island of Bali
  • Also… restaurants with great Indonesian, European, organic, vegetarian foods!
  • Motorcycles/scooters and bicycles for daily/monthly rental
  • Quiet Lifestyle of Ubud–not hectic nightlife (although if you want that, you can go to Kuta Beach)
  • Wi-fi and easy internet access in most cafe’s and guest houses!!!
  • Plus the beach is only 45 minutes away…for world class surfing, and exceptional scuba diving and snorkeling or just plain lounging around

Touring around Bali and Beyond

Our team of experts can help you find the best tours for you or your “group”.   There are so many amazing things to do here after class or on days off! It’s fun to go temple exploring, rafting, diving, hiking, biking etc…with other students from all over the world who are practicing here at AYBRC.  

It’s also a great time to just chill and relax alone or with friends and family at your guest house or villa. There are lots of  yummy restaurants all over Ubud to hangout too (Just ask us and we can send you a list).

Motor Bike Rentals

You can rent a motorbike for local transport around Ubud.  Please do this only if you are a confident rider.  It can be dangerous if you are not an expert. Riding a motorbike in Bali requires a skill beyond just ordinary riding in the west with rules and regulations.  It’s quite loose here and you have many obstacles to watch out for.  I’ve been riding since I was 10 years old (47 years) and it is a challenge for me!  So please be aware of this as you make your decision. Eddie has a shuttle service for students who need a ride to the Shala.  Please contact him about details.

All questions regarding visas, transportation, accommodations you can find on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Eddie's Shuttle & Services