Gallery updates

Take a little stroll down memory lane. We've added some little notes and stories to the photos in our Gallery. Celebrities, trips to India, a certain wedding in Cali, Neti Sutra, family pics and Guruji. Follow the link to check out the updates....

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Great pictures from a great couple

Bali is only a short hop from Australia, so we welcome a lot of Ashtangis from 'The Land Down Under'. We were especially lucky in May to host Melbourne's finest, super-couple, photographer Amy Piesse and her partner, Karl. Immersing in Daily Ashtanga Yoga...

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From China with Love

We've been so blessed this week to welcome Mengyi Hu (Marvin) and his crew of wonderful Ashtangis from all over China. Marvin is a yoga tour host with Yogala and he brought a committed troop of 14 Ashtangis to practice with us at the AYBRC here in Bali. It was all...

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