June 2015 Newsletter

Ashtanga Yoga Conference 2015

Prem & Radha at the conferenceThe Ashtanga Yoga Bali Conference, 2015, this past April, was a huge success!

We had over 100 students attend from all over the world with enthusiastic participation throughout the whole week.

We have scheduled the next Conference for April 9-14th, 2017, with Manju Jois, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Danny Paradise, Kristina Karitinou and of course Radha & Prem Carlisi. I know it is almost 2 years away, but with these very in demand teachers, we had to schedule this far in advance. So put it down in your calendar as it will be another historic Ashtanga event you won’t want to miss!

3 Week Immersion

for Dedicated Mysore Students and Teachers,

with Prem & Radha

September 13 – October 2, 2015

The 3 weeks will organically follow:

  • First Week

    Ashtanga practice and all its elements for applying to Primary/Intermediate and Advanced Series
    The core foundation & fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style practice: This means each student will get the essential qualities necessary to get the maximum benefit from their respective practices using the technology of the method (bandha/breath/dristhi etc…) In other words the key internal energies.

  • Second Week

    Science of Ayurveda:
    Ayurveda as it applies to everyday living (diet, daily regime, herbs, cooking etc…) including your asana practice and personal lifestyle for vibrant health

  • Third Week

    Devoted to adjusting, pranayama, meditations, philosophy, etc….
    the actual content will depend on the level of the group and how we need to adapt it accordingly for the individuals participating.
    You will learn how to incorporate into your regular routine to nourish your soul.  we will be PRACTICING THIS  every MORNING as part of our regular â€œMYSORE” CLASSES  during the 3 weeks. 

*** This is course is a requirement for students who want to move on to our Apprenticeship/mentoring program. This means getting into the “mysore” classes and assist us, to learn techniques of teaching appropriately.

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Mysore Class Schedule

  • June 14 – July 31 Mysore classes with Dylan Bernstein
  • August 2 – November 5 Mysore classes with Prem and Radha
  • November 7 – December 7 ~ Mysore classes with Siri Kruse
  • December 8 – January 8 ~ Mysore classes with Dylan Bernstein
  • 2016, January 10 to August ~ Mysore classes with Prem and Radha

Special Events/Workshops

  • June 22 – 26 5 Day Primary Series  Intensive with Dylan Bernstein , AYBRC
  • July 20 – 24 5 Day Primary Series  Intensive with Dylan Bernstein, AYBRC
  • September 13 – October 1 3 week intensive for teachers and dedicated students, with Prem and Radha
  • December Intensive with Dylan Bernstein, Dates soon TBA, AYBRC
  • 2016, Jan 17 – 21 Prem and Radha, 5 day, Asana foundation and Adjustment Clinic