Here we list our network of trusted and experienced Ashtanga Teachers around the world. In case you can’t come to Bali to practice with us, we recommend any of those below that may be closer and/or more conveniently located to you.

Manduka Mats

This is by far the best mat in the market for Ashtanga Yoga

Back in the day we didn’t even use “sticky” mats. We only used a cotton rug. I was actually instrumental in developing the first yoga sticky mat in Arizona. I used the backing for oriental rugs so they won’t slide on wood floors. I had a manufacturer of non-slip mats for oriental rugs cut me 1 meter x 2 meter mats which cost me $3. I sold these to students for practice. This was back in 1986.

Then when MANDUKA came out, I tried it and was sold! I always tell students “This is the best Yoga mat on the planet”. And it’s true! It has a “life time guarantee”. So, you will never have to buy another one in your life. I have had one for over 20 years! Still working great 🙂

Check it out you’ll love them!

Anthony “Prem” Carlisi

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Herb of Immortality

We all know balance is achievable—but it’s often difficult to attain. Modern, on-the-go lifestyles. Busy families and busy homes. Synthetic supplements offering false hope for healthy living. There are a lot of distractions out there that can throw us off course, but fortunately there’s products like Alphay!

They have created products that reflect the perfect harmony found in nature. Enjoy the unmatched benefits of Lingzhi, a one-of-a-kind mushroom revered in traditional Chinese medicine and proven through modern research. Radiate energy. Live with vitality. Look and feel your best.

It is only available in the USA right now! But in the next few years we will open into 25 other countries. I am spearheading this launch in USA with one of my best friends, Scott Ohlgren.

Anyone interested in getting involved for the ride of their lives contact me at

Love & Peace, Prem.

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