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Four-Week Practice Intensive Training.

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About this course

Whether your goal is to begin and develop a self-practice or deepen your current practice, this training will guide you further into your fullest potential.

Within the Practice Intensive Training, we teach Mysore Ashtanga Yoga. Mysore is the traditional way to experience Ashtanga Yoga. At Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center, we teach each student, from beginner to advanced, an individualized practice with love and compassion based on each individual’s body and mind.

Students of all levels are taught together, at their own pace, with one-on-one guidance. All ages and experience levels are welcome.

I began my journey into the Ashtanga Yoga world since 1978. I was blessed with the rare opportunity to be with “Guruji” (Pattabhi Jois) in the most intimate settings from the very beginning… more

Radha began her Ashtanga practice in 1990, at the age of 20. After meeting Guruji, she felt completely committed and devoted to the practice. He gave her the confidence to actually immerse herself and at that point she knew she wanted to teach the method as her life’s work… more

What can you expect to experience

During these four weeks, you will establish yourself in daily practice and technique for the principle postures of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. For more experienced practitioners, we will help further your Intermediate Series or Advanced Series practice.

You will learn at your own pace in a group setting that offers one-on-one guidance and proper technique adjustments from your teachers. To meet your Senior Ashtanga Teachers who are dedicated to helping you develop and progress in your practice, read more here: Prem and Radha.

Prem and Radha offer 70+ years of combined experience practicing and teaching these arts. They are trained and authorized to teach by Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, founder of Ashtanga Yoga.

AYBRC’s focus is providing information to educate each individual on how to live an optimal, healthy, and well-balanced life. Subjects covered during weekly discussions include Ayurveda (lifestyle information that helps us understand how to balance body, mind and consciousness), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation (stilling of the mind).

Daily Practice will be held at the Yoga Shala from Monday to Friday at 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM.

Daily Practice at the AYBRC’s Yoga Shala

Ashtanga Yoga student in Bali

The AYBRC Yoga Shala is a private, natural sanctuary situated in the lush jungle areas of Pejeng, Bali. It is a serene drive just 15 minutes north of Ubud’s center.

The Shala is a quiet, sacred space that is designed to nourish all beings back into alignment; body, mind, and soul. It operates from Prem and Radha’s personal home, shared with their growing community of dedicated and compassionate Ashtanga yoga students.

Upon your arrival, you’ll be provided with the highest level of training. The smaller class sizes allow more opportunities for one-on-one guidance and specialized areas of study.

After practice, students typically gather together to enjoy a refreshing coconut that is provided by Eddie, a local balinese friend.

Ayurvedic Education

Ayurveda offers a chance for students to learn about their individual Ayurvedic constitution (Dosha) and the basics of Ayurveda to connect back to nature and identify a path of healing and balance for the body, mind and consciousness.

Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center offers one-on-one Ayurvedic consultations to determine what your constitution is and advice on lifestyle practices to enhance your health in areas such as energy, immune system, digestion, and more.

Learn more about Ayurvedic Consultations. For additional Ayurvedic offerings or for more information, please contact Radha

What Our Students are Saying

After practicing with Prem & Radha at theAYBRC for nearly 2 years now, it’s not so easy to describe my experience. Just because words like amazing, wonderful, excellent etc.- don’t cover it. It is truly one of a kind.

I found my yoga home here, a place that I miss when I’m away, a place that I always want to go back to.

I’ve been trying different styles of yoga for over 10 years all over the world, and have been blessed with some amazing teachers. But the degree of attention, care, love, professionalism, knowledge, wisdom and integrity that Prem & Radha have to offer is on a different level.

With Prem and Radha you will learn all aspects of the Ashtanga yoga method, get acquainted with pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda and explore many different ways in which you can uplevel your life, make it more vibrant, healthy and harmonious. Come practice with us!

Before deciding I wanted to experience my practice with Prem & Radha, I wanted to get to know how they taught the practice. As Ashtanga is a very dynamic type of yoga and tradition tells us that if taught a certain way it can cause harm physically and mentally. I was looking for a more gentle holistic approach.

After talking with Radha and getting to know her, she and Prem were all about this and more.They really are advocates for a more loving way and understanding the individuals needs.

After a week with them at their incredible Shala in the jungle near Ubud, Radha and Prem’s words are more than just words, it’s real and their teachings are impactful beyond my expectations.

Practicing with Radha and Prem at AYBRC isn’t just learning asana. It’s so much more than that. They’ve extended their beautiful yoga Shala as a home for all of their students. As I am so far from my roots in the U.S., it feels like I’ve found another home — one that encourages growth, spiritual exploration, and persistence.

My time at AYBRC has shaped me in an invaluable way. I can’t imagine my life without the Ashtanga practice because of Radha and Prem. Their guidance makes you feel acknowledged. They take you through the practice in a way that honors your body and energy. And they share the totality of their life experiences with you, in a way that leaves you a little more seen and enlightened.

I came into the Ashtanga practice with no prior experience and somehow, just in a few weeks, it’s become the center focus of my life. There’s so many things to say about AYBRC, but if there’s one that stands out most, it’s that it’s absolutely transformative.

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