Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are in the room?
Maximum is 35 students and  in most cases there are less than this. We have the room set up with individual spaces so the room stays “clean” and relaxed for each student. We do not cram students into a tiny space.  There is plenty of room to move and breathe!
How would you define your way of teaching?
More info under mysore style teaching method click here
What is the experience of the teachers?
What is a Mysore-style self-practice?
Click here to what is mysore style practice
I have an injury; can I still join the classes?
Yes of course!  It is unfortunate that you have an injury if it is from the practice or an unexperienced teacher forcing you into a posture before you’re ready.  We focus on quality, not how many poses you can race through or what series you’re on.  We focus on the essential aspects of the practice and it’s meditational qualities.  We are looking for an “energetic” posture appropriate for you being an unique individual.  The Primary Series of Ashtanga is set up to heal the body and mind if used properly.  It can cause severe injury if done wrongly.  This is why you need qualified teachers of this method to guide you. Even if you are “advanced” there is always space to expand into.  Come and experience the joy of practice and the healing effect of purifying the body/ mind so that you feel calm, relaxed and energized!
I’m a beginner; can I still join your class?
Yes you can join.
What would you define a beginner?
Two kinds of beginners: 1) Completely new to yoga/never done yoga of any kind: We ask for a minimum of one month commitment. 2) Beginner to “mysore” style: you are very familiar with vinyasa style yoga or ashtanga led classes, but have not developed a “mysore” practice on a regular basis. We ask for a minimum  3 week commitment.
Is there a minimum period of time I need to practice in the Yoga shala(school)?
For experienced practitioners who have a mysore style practice already, one week is absolute minimum, but not suggested. We truly prefer 3 weeks or more, when possible to get the maximum benefit from our teaching. For beginners see question above.
Do you have references from students that had been in the shala?
Click here for testimonials from students.
What are the costs?
It depends on how long and when you will come, as well as whether you are new to the method or not, which why it’s important to fill in the application form even if you are just inquiring about the price.
What time does the class start?
Please come at 7:45 am for your first day to register.  Class officially begins at 8 am.
How long is a class?
Class time is open from 8-10 am for the general practitioners. If you are beginner, you will not have a 2 hour practice to start. You will start slowly, perhaps with a 45 minute practice, on your first day and it will gradually increase according to your ability and needs. Everyone is different and is approached as such.
Which days are you teaching?
Sunday-Friday.  No classes on  full/new moon days.
Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
Yes, bring your own “sticky” mat.  Make sure it is high quality (if possible, like a Manduka Mat).  Also you may want to bring a yoga rug to absorb your sweat, so you don’t slip on your mat.  We have Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center yoga rugs available at the center to purchase.  They are beautiful Balinese style custom cotton rugs.
How can I sign up?
Fill in the Application Form
Why do I need to pay a deposit?
Because we only take 35 students and have only one “mysore” class per day.   We ask you to reserve a space and  make the commitment to come and study with us.  It demonstrates to us that you are a serious practitioner and want to learn.  There are plenty of other yoga studios around Ubud that take drop ins.  Our emphasis is on quality and not quantity.
I already signed up and paid the deposit; Can I still cancel and get my deposit back?
No, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable, so please do not do so until you are sure you are coming and committed.
Are there periods in the year the shala is closed?
Yes, please check our schedule
When is the “rainy” season in Bali?
The rainy season was said to be November-April although this is not always the case. The rain  in Bali never stops anything from happening. In our opinion the weather is fairly the same most of the year. And, there have been times that it rains a lot in the dry season! It’s hard to tell anymore! Don’t let this be a huge factor in your trip.
What's your address?
AYBRC shala is about a 15 minute drive form Ubud. Although not far Ubud, it’s not easy to find, even with a map… as it is not in a well known tourist area and located as part of a Balinese Village. The shala is at our private residence, in Pejeng Kaja, hence why we do not publish our address. The shala is only open during class hours (8-10 am) and we have a limited space. Students need to reserve a space before arriving, if they don’t there may not be space available. The area of the shala is mostly jungle and expensive hotels…almost all students stay in places closer to town, so they can walk to shops and restaurants…if you stay up here, you will be a bit stuck, unless you want to ride the motorbike everyday to town. Once you make an official reservation our friend Eddie, who runs the shuttle, we will send you his info–he can help with sorting accommodation, but Prem and I do not work in that area, we just teach :).. Eddie can also inform you of the details of the shuttle service he runs as well. It is an easy and safe way to get to the shala as well as a great way to know the other students. Generally, it is very easy in Bali and it is a very gentle place. Accommodation is plentiful!!
How can I arrange an accommodation close by the Shala?
Once you are registered with our classes, we will put you in touch with Eddie Nyoman, who handles transport to shala, airport and accommodation.You will need to contact Eddie in order to get to our home shala. We only give his email once you have already registered for classes and know you are coming.
Do I need a visa for Bali?
You can land in Bali and get a visa on arrival for one month($25.00). If you want to extend after one month, there are people who can do that for you here (for about $60). Bali is offering 45 countries a FREE one month visa on arrival. See if you are on this link, but It can not be extended. If you know you are staying for 2 months, then you can pay $35.00 US at the airport to get an automatic 2 month Visa. As this information is changing regularly please check the Immigration website here for the latest info.
What is the best way to go from the airport to Ubud?
Eddie (Nyoman) who works with us can pick you up from the airport and take you to your desired hotel or he can arrange a hotel/villa/guest house for you in our area.
What is the best way to get around the yoga center and Ubud?
Best way is just to walk around the center town. You can rent a motor bike (but please be sure you are proficient in riding as we have had many students crash). You can rent a bicycle as well. It is also very easy to hire drivers by the day, or hire a motorbike taxi, very cheaply as well.
What things can you do the surrounded area around Ubud?
Click here for a list of things to do in Ubud and around. Eddie (Nyoman) can arrange day trips/tours around Bali and neighboring islands and many more.
Can I use my ATM and Credit Card in Bali?
Using a credit card or ATM to draw money out is very easy here in Bali but please alert your bank before coming! As they tend to limit the amount you can withdraw unless you tell them.
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