Run by Eddie Nyoman (and his Uncle Sana!)

We want to welcome you to Bali and help provide you with the best experiences possible during your stay. We have created a partnership with Eddie Nyoman and his team of Ashtanga Yoga Bali Shuttle and Travel. His services include transportation to and from the airport, shuttle service to and from Ubud center to the Shala, accommodation referrals, motor bike rentals and Bali tours. Please read over and decide for yourself what you want Eddie to help you with.


Our center is located about 8 kilometers (a 12-15 minute drive) from Ubud Center. We are in a small balinese village in the jungle. We recommend strongly to take the AYB shuttle, as it is a safe way to get to us. Motorbike riding to AYBRC is possible for those of you who are “experienced riders” (people who are expert at handling a motorbike in chaotic situations). Why we are telling you this is, over the years, we have had many students have accidents! The roads are narrow, curvy and filled with random crazy “stuff” (you will see when you get here). It is not worth it, as it will ruin your trip and even the smallest accident will ruin also your yoga experience!

Ashtanga Yoga Bali Shuttle and Travel Services


About $3.00 US round trip
Eddie stops at central locations all over Ubud near your place of stay. Most students enjoy the ride while relaxing in the safety of a car. It is also a fun way to connect with other students.
If you schedule a private car from your hotel, you will most likely get lost and they will charge you no less than $15-20 USD per ride to get to us.

Motorbike Rental

Those of you who are confident and proficient in riding motorcycles and want the freedom to come and go as you please, Eddie can provide you with a reliable motorbike for a reasonable price. There are many people renting motorbikes all over Ubud, some are broken. You can trust he will provide the best for your money.

Accommodation Referrals

AYB Travel can also help you schedule your accommodation. Please tell Eddie what you are looking for and he will do his best to find something suitable for your needs. The shuttle picks up all over Ubud which makes staying most places easy.
The accommodation near the Shala is resort oriented and very expensive. $100.00 US a night and up. There are not any western restaurants in our Shala area. Most students stay in Ubud, where the accommodation is plentiful and available for all budgets. It is also where all the western restaurants and activities are.

Airport Transfer

Eddie PROVIDES TRANSPORTATION TO AND/OR FROM the Airport DIRECTLY to your desired Hotel/Guest House.

Bali Tours

Eddie is an excellent tour guide or driver for wherever you want to go in Bali.

We love and endorse Eddie and his Uncle Sana and are grateful for the services they provide for our students! And they have been a huge help to hundreds of people. They are an integral part of Ashtanga Yoga Bali, and he can make your time here seamless and flowing. In other words, please use him! You will not regret that you did.

Contact Eddie on his whatsapp: +628124677091
For Deposit via Paypal, please send to account under eddienyoman@gmail.com

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