3 Week Teacher and Lifestyle Immersion

1st stage of Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training program

(2021 date soon to be announced)

The main emphasis with this course will be:

  • To understand the fundamental principles of Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style practice. These are the concepts of Breath, Bandha, Dristi, Energetic Alignment and Adjustments.
  • Exploring personal lifestyle practices and Ayurvedic principles.
  • Supplementary classes will also cover philosophy, pranayama, meditation and mantra work. These classes will be geared towards using these techniques in a daily, practical way.
  • How to use Diet, Nutrition, Cooking, Cleansing and other lifestyle practices to support your yoga practice. There will be an actual cooking session with Radha on how to prepare and cook using Ayurvedic principles *.
    *these courses are primarily in the 3 week course only

We will focus on the practical use of these foundational principles and in having an experiential feeling of these methods, rather than memorizing text and information. Also we will explore ways of communicating info for adjusting and teaching purposes.

We feel unless you fully understand and have experienced within yourself what is stated above, you will not be able to guide or teach others. The main emphasis of this course is to show you how to fully integrate these practices into everything you do. It is a lifestyle and a way of life, It’s not just about ASANA (postures)!


We are only accepting dedicated Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga ‘mysore style’ practitioners. It is expected you have an established and consistent daily Mysore practice of a mound 6 months, not led classes. If this is your practice, please read carefully the following items below:

If we do not know you or your practice personally, we will ask that you arrive at least one week prior to the course, preferably more, so we can work with you in the Mysore room and get to know your practice a bit before the course begins.

In addition, for those we do not know personally, we do ask for a personal reference in email from your primary teacher, if you have one, or a skype interview.

It is important for you to know, this course is about building your wisdom and experience, rather than gathering more information. Teaching requires much, much more than a 3 week course, but rather years of consistent, solid practice and dedication with a qualified teacher!


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This course is NOT affiliated with the Yoga Alliance 200 or 500 hour programs. We are not in agreement of learning how to teach Yoga Ashtanga Teacher Training method. We will not be issuing any kind of “Certificate to Teach”.

There is an internship/mentoring program for selected students at our Shala in Ubud for appropriate students. We will endorse the students that have assisted us depending on how long they choose to apprentice and study.

We will provide a “certification of completion. This is a highly selective process as we want only the most sincere and devoted practitioners in the program.