Teaching Apprenticeship Program

What are the minimum requirements?

Apprentices will be committed students of Ashtanga Yoga Mysore with a developed, daily, personal practice. Completion of one of our Teacher Intensives is a must.

How can I be considered for the AYBRC Teaching Apprenticeship Program?

Limited opportunities arise and are offered by invitation only. For the right student, with the right attitude and the right commitment to the practice, this is a unique opportunity to develop, study, raise awareness and gain knowledge.

Meet a recent AYBRC Apprentice

Bonnie Cooper

“Working with Prem and Radha was an amazing opportunity that I feel was very, very unique and a really different way to learn how to teach Ashtanga Yoga. Having all the hands on experience in the room, and observing Prem and Radha teach while teaching alongside them gave me a really thorough understanding of how to teach and how to approach the many different students you get. I feel really confident and comfortable guiding people after that exerience and would highly recommend it to any¬†Ashtanga Yoga teacher. Wish I was there with you all now.”

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