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Daily Mysore Classes

Year round, daily, self-practice, with Prem and Radha Carlisi, Sunday through Friday, 7.30am to 9.30am. (No classes on Saturday or moon days). You are welcome to join the Mysore classes ( minimum 1 week) if you already have a daily Mysore practice. We strongly suggest a 3 week minimum. Preferred time is 1-3 months.

New to the Mysore Program

A 3 week commitment to learning the traditional ‘Mysore style’ method. Morning classes run between 7.30am and 9.30am and you can choose any day to start. There is a 3 week commitment to learning the Mysore method with us, for those who have not yet cultivated a daily practice. Please note, even if you have another yoga practice you’ve been doing, we still consider you a BEGINNER to this method if you have not developed a daily Mysore practice. This also applies to students who have dabbled in ashtanga, doing led classes, do vinyasa classes, or, just simply aren’t regular yet with their Msyore practice. During these 3 weeks, each morning we’ll take you step by step, progressively, each day to the point that is appropriate for you. Focusing on the fundamentals and helping you to walk away after the 3 weeks, with a practice that’s intended for you to do daily once you leave. You can then carry on with a ‘qualified’ Ashtanga teacher or come back and learn more.

Special Workshops

The 5 Day Intensive

This 5 day course is not for beginners, one needs to have at least a minimum of 3 weeks daily mysore practice at AYBRC (read #2), OR a minimum 3 months of daily mysore practice with another teacher, prior to arriving to our shala. The schedule of 5 day intensive will vary each year. The topics of the 5 day are: Primary Series, Ayurveda, Adjustment clinic, or Intermediate Series Intensives.

Mysore month with “mini” Intensive

Sunday -Friday daily mornings, starting April 3rd:
8-10 am mysore class

Friday mornings:
7:30- 8 am guided pranayama, Prem

2 Thursday Conferences/Satsang
10-11 am, (April 14 and April 26th ) For EVERYONE

4 Wednesday Afternoon Workshops, 1:30-4:30 pm (beginning April 6th)
1st week, April 6th, The Foundation and Bandhas
2nd week, April 13th, The Essence of Primary Series
3rd week, April 20th, Basics of Ayurveda
4th week, April 27th, Pranayama, Meditation and Tantra

4th week additional class: Friday, April 29th,
Ayurvedic Cooking with Radha, (4th friday): 10:30 -1 pm

2 Week Ashtanga and Ayurveda Lifestyle Immersion

For all levels… Available for all, but best to have a 6 month minimum of daily mysore practice. This course will focus on the foundation of Ashtanga Yoga, how to use it wisely as a lifestyle tool, how to use the science of Ayurveda to improve the quality of your personal life, including your health and nutrition. There are 10 workshops included with your regular “mysore” morning program. These workshops will cover the whole Primary Series step by step along with detailed instruction on all aspects of practice along with Ayurveda basics (daily rituals around diet/lifestyle). Pranayama will be covered along with Meditation. *Please check the schedule to see when it is offered

Ayurvedic Consultations

One on one appointments for those who want to learn more about their constitution, and how they can personally learn about how to have a better lifestyle and practice.

Pranayama Intensives with Meditation

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Cooking Classes

Teaching Apprenticeship Program

(By invitation only)

Ready to join us?


3 Week Teacher Intensive / Apprenticeship Program

This course is not for new students. One needs a minimum of 3 years DAILY MYSORE practice. It is directed at 1) those already teaching ashtanga but want to know more, 2) students who want to eventually teach the mysore method , or 3) those that have a dedicated mysore practice and want to go much deeper for their own knowledge and well being. The course will focus on: History of Ashtanga yoga, Primary and Intermediate Series foundation, understanding breath/ bandha and drishti,/pranayama/adjusting w/ practice teaching/ayurveda basics and foundation/daily ayurvedic life philosophy/ ayurvedic cooking and nutrition. ( mediation and pranayama practiced daily) You will learn the authentic art of practicing and teaching the Ashtanga Vinyasa method of Asana practice. There is much beneath the surface of this amazing transformational healing art form. We will do our best to unleash the wisdom within you to understand what it takes to practice and teach at the highest level. We will explore the many aspects of practice and teaching by having you participate fully in the many aspects that make this a unique technique. This is the PHD program of Ashtanga Yoga. You must come in with sufficient understanding of the foundation of practice from your own experience as we will use this to enhance the course. After all we are a Re-Search Center! If you feel you have what it takes apply now as it will fill quickly. Students who take this course will have the opportunity to assist Prem and Radha(at their discretion) in the shala to get experience working in the mysore room. Depending on how long they apprentice, this can lead to Endorsement from AYBRC.


Upcoming Events

all-day 5 Days Intensive of Ashtanga Yog...
5 Days Intensive of Ashtanga Yog...
Oct 13 – Oct 17 all-day
Foundational core of primary series Correct use of bandha and breath Energetics of each individual pose/modifications as needed Vinyasa sequence for each pose Adjustments/teaching methods Pranayama/meditation techniques Ayurveda (depends on workshop) This course will also[...]
all-day 2 Week Primary and Intermediate ...
2 Week Primary and Intermediate ...
Nov 15 – Nov 29 all-day
The main emphasis with this course will be: To understand the fundamental principles of Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style practice. These are the concepts of Breath, Bandha, Dristi, Energetic Alignment and Adjustments. Exploring personal lifestyle practices[...]
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