3 week Advanced Ashtanga Teacher Immersion

July 28 to August 18th, 2016

Minimum 3-5 years of DAILY “mysore style” practice Required

*This course is not for new students. One needs a minimum of 3 years DAILY practice , in the Ashtanga mysore method

It is directed at

1) Those students who already have a daily mysore practice (3 years or more) and are teaching Ashtanga (led or mysore style) but want to know more, to deepen their understanding of their own practice and in turn, enhance their teaching skills in the mysore method.

2) Students who would like to eventually teach the mysore method in the future or

3) ANY student who meets the minimum requirements of having a dedicated mysore practice of 3 years or more, and want to increase their own knowledge of the practice for their own benefit thus increasing their overall health and well being.

In this course you will learn the authentic art of practicing and teaching the Ashtanga Vinyasa method of Asana practice. There is much beneath the surface of this amazing transformational healing art form. We will do our best to unleash the wisdom within you to understand what it takes to practice and teach at the highest level. We will explore the many aspects of practice and teaching by having you participate fully in the many aspects that make this a unique technique. This is the PHD program of Ashtanga Yoga. You must come in with sufficient understanding of the foundation of practice from your own experience as we will use this to enhance the course. After all we are a Re-Search Center!

What this course will cover

We will explore the deeper layers and levels of the Ashtanga Yoga, “mysore style” asana practice

  • We will do this by engaging all who attend in open dialogs as well as observing techniques that will facilitate better understanding of the energetic qualities of the asana practice.
  • Anatomical energetics of the poses will be discussed and analysed.
  • Being a “Research Center” we are going to have everyone participate in exploring the asana practice from many different perspectives (your own experience/research)
  • We will practice with you giving guided insights into what we have experienced from decades of practice and working with thousands of students.
  • There will be required readings before coming to enhance the information being presented (TBA)
  • We will also include the Ayurvedic perspective and study lifestyle practices (diet/routines etc…) and how to use this information with others.
  • Practical and philosophical discussions from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Exploration and practice of the advanced techniques of Pranayama and required daily Medition practice
  • Hands on exploring and observing of each others bodies in the asanas of the Primary and Intermediate Series
  • We will be continually “testing” you from your own personal experience, in what you actually know, to ground the wisdom of this method.
  • Practice teaching/Adjustment clinic/teaching techniques

General Outline: This course will have an organic flow of information that grows from the selected group. It will be “hand tailored” to this particular group of individuals and will also take into consideration specific topics the students themselves are seeking.

First week:
Exploring thoroughly the Primary and Intermediate poses from an advanced perspective:
Anatomical/Energetic qualities of the poses and how to teach them.
Advanced techniques of activating bandha, breathing etc… And how to teach them.

Second week:
Ayurveda as a lifestyle tool for self healing and helping others.
We will explore advanced techniques of observing ourselves and others using the method of the key Ayurvedic principles of health and vibrant living.
There will be food preparation and cooking techniques demonstrated on how to apply the principles in everyday eating.

Third week:
Exploring aspects of advance Pranayama , Meditation and Tantra techniques.
We will practice intensely everyday the methods of pranayama and meditation appropriate to each individual.
There will be philosophical theory from Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutras” woven throughout the course
We will go over how to teach this to students as well

Selection process:
We will take no more than 30 students and each person will be interviewed through Skype (unless you have already been a student of ours.)
We may ask for a teacher referral if we do not know you.

{In addition , students who take this course will have the opportunity to assist Prem and Radha (at their discretion), at AYBRC as an apprentice, to get experience working hands on, in the mysore room with us. Depending on how long they apprentice, this can lead to Official Endorsement from AYBRC.}

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