Yoga Teacher Training or Not? That is the question!

Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Is the current method of a 200-500 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training course enough to qualify someone to then go out and teach?

This is a very heated and debatable topic within the Yoga world.

We say a resounding NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

It is ridiculous to think that after 200 hours of  training you are then ready to go out and teach, especially Ashtanga Yoga. We feel this method of teaching “teachers” has done a grave disservice to the integrity and quality of the Ashtanga world, not to mention the rest of the yoga world.

We understand the reasoning behind it from a purely capitalistic standpoint but is it ethical and of integrity to promote such falsity within the global mainstream? These trainings are broadcasting that you can learn the art of teaching in one month, when it can take years to cultivate a thorough understanding of how to teach.  There is no emphasis on practical experiential knowledge.  Of course you can repeat a routine like an aerobics teacher that will give people a “workout”, but is this really what Yoga is all about?

So what to do?


Our Solution for Yoga Teacher Training

We have asked ourselves this question over and over again.  Our only solution is to present a course of action that will serve the current situation with a curriculum that fulfills the need of students and teachers alike.  We have created a training for students who have been practicing Ashtanga Yoga “Mysore Style” for a minimum of a solid year, preferably more and current teachers of Ashtanga Yoga.

Our program will go  over the essential ingredients of what we feel being a proficient practitioner is, which will facilitate the appropriate qualities in a teacher.

After all, if you don’t have your own practice, how can you teach others to have one.   You can only teach what you know!  The result of this way of learning is you walk away with ownership of how to confidently teach.  You will continue to learn and grow but from a standpoint of “this is what I know” and be authentically presenting just that.

Ashtanga Yoga demands this kind of respect and we are doing our part in bringing back the quality in which it was taught to us over a combined 50 years of experience.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please email us and we will be happy to interview you for the next step.

We are offering an advance Immersion for teachers and dedicated practitioners.